Grau by Claudia Grau

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Claudia Grau specializes in Eco Dye, Re-Constructed Wool Knits, Silk, Patchwork Kimono pieces, and more. Please contact us for information regarding the pieces shown below, custom orders, or a private studio visit of in-stock items.

Eco Dye Silk Jacket Shirt, Eco Dye Cashmere Kimono Cape
BEN_8317.jpgSilk Polyester Rose Dress
Cashmere Cape Kimono in Magenta Eco Dye
Re-Constructed Wool and Cashmere Knit Sweater Dress
Eco Dye Hand Made Sun Hat, Wool Re-Constructed Sweater
Hand beaded stone necklaces
Eco Dye Boiled Wool Coat, Eco Dye Boiled Wool Beanie
Sheer Silk Organza Pastel Eco Dye
Eco Dye Silk Jacket, Eco Dye Silk Scarf
Eco Dye Silk Jacket Multi-Colored
Eco Dye Silk Scarf Teal, Hand Made Shell Necklaces